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Over the past several decades, Americans have become more interested in exercise and the health benefits associated with being physically fit.  Countless fad exercise programs have come and gone over time.  The reason that they never last for long is because they are boring, torturous, and, in the end, ineffective at changing personal exercise and fitness habits.

Playing Racquetball allows you to get an incredible workout and have fun at the same time. How many times have you heard someone say “I had so much fun on this treadmill/Stairmaster/recumbent bike that I think I will do an extra 20 minutes”?   Rarely.  When you are done with an exercise machine you just can’t wait to get off it… In contrast, when you are playing racquetball, you eagerly say “I‘d love to play another game--let’s go!”

Unlike many exercise programs where your brain constantly tells your body "this is exercise, not fun," racquetball is both fun and exercise.   It’s not an accident that you say that you "play" racquetball!  

Racquetball is a game that everyone can enjoy all year round, rain or shine. If you have never played the exhilarating sport of Racquetball, you really must find out what you're missing!! Playing Racquetball combines the social and competitive elements of sport with substantial health and fitness benefits.

Give it a try! Here's why:

  1. Racquetball provides an excellent workout--over 600 calories per hour.
  2. Racquetball is easy to start and you will feel a sense of accomplishment right away. All you have to do is hit the ball to the front wall! It’s that easy! (It gets a little more skillful after that.) Racquetball is a draw to out-of-condition people who want to have fun and work up a sweat because it's so simple to learn and easy to enjoy.
  3. High-energy people play Racquetball. You have to meet them to believe them!
  4. Racquetball is a great off-season complement to golf, softball and other sports. It keeps you in shape year round.
  5. Racquetball is fairly inexpensive to start—a pair of shoes, a racquet, glove, and eye guards should do it. While you can just step onto the court without any instruction and get a great work out, taking two or three lessons will improve your enjoyment of the sport.
  6. Racquetball is a great stress reliever!  Batting a bouncy little racquetball around a court for an hour or so is a fantastic way to relax and relieve tension.