Racquetball Detailed Rules
Paddleball Detailed Rules
Court Layout

Hinders are stoppages of play, and result in the replay of the point. It is your responsibility to give your opponent enough room to hit the shot the way they want to hit it. You must give them a straight shot to the front wall as well as the angle shot, which would result in a crosscourt shot to the opposite back corner. Typical hinders are:

  A ball striking any part of the court, which results in an erratic rebound (fan vents, door knob, lights, etc.)
  Accidentally hitting your opponent with the ball as it is heading toward the front wall
  Unintentionally contacting your opponent while attempting to hit the ball
  Screening opponent's view of the ball or having the ball pass between one's legs.


  Only the server scores points
  The ball can only bounce once
  The ball must return to the Front Wall after being hit